Production Systems Technologies

Who we are

Production Systems Technologies (PST) is a company in Pittsburgh, PA that supplies high-performance rule-based systems. PST specializes in the custom design and application of rule engines.

What we have done

PST was founded in 1983 by Dr. Charles Forgy with his wife, Diana Forgy as a spin off of his doctoral work at Carnegie Mellon University; the Rete algorithm. The now open source Rete is the foundation of many of the rule engine environments available today. At CMU, Dr. Forgy was also the principle designer of OPS5; the language in which the first commercially successful expert system was written. Since 1983, Dr. Forgy and PST have continued to define the cutting edge in rule engine design.

Major companies in North America, Europe, and Japan have used PST tools to develop and field operational rule-based systems. PST tools have been used in commercial, academic and government projects.

What we do now

At PST, Dr. Forgy developed the successor to Rete, named Rete II. The new algorithm is as good as the original Rete at handling large numbers of rules, but it is dramatically faster than the original algorithm when dealing with large amounts of data or rapidly changing data.

Rete II is the foundation of the Java rule engine OPSJ. It has also been used in embedded rule engines specially designed for clients.