The Rete II Rule Engine

Rete II is the successor to Rete. Rete was one of the first rule engines and is still the basis for many of the systems available today.

Rete II is a significant revision of the original Rete. OPSJ with Rete II is dramatically faster than engines based on the original Rete. (For detailed benchmarks of Rete II, see:

Rete II vs other Rete derivatives

For smaller jobs, there probably won't be any noticeable difference between the speed of Rete II and the other Rete derivatives. But when faced with larger sets, Rete II has been shown to outperform all other rule engines.

Rete NT

It is known that PST is planning to release the next version of Rete soon; Rete NT. (Infoworld article) So why invest in Rete II now? We are offering a deal to offset this concern: the money of any purchase for Rete II based OPSJ can be used toward the price of Rete NT based OPSJ 8 within six months of the original purchase.

The Rete NT engine will be available from PST in OPSJ version 8.

Currently, Rete NT is already available from Sparkling Logic in SMARTS.